Sprinkle Vanilla Layer Cake

Everyone should have a sprinkle layer cake in their repertoire of cakes, especially for a first birthday (like the Fancy Pants Kitchen’s first birthday), or a 50th birthday! Or for my dearest friend, Shelley’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Shelley!

Everyone loves sprinkles!!! This layer cake, which is used my classic vanilla layer cake recipe, gets frosted with the Classic American Buttercream recipe and then covered, and I mean covered, in sprinkles. Every bite has a little crunch to it which in my opinion makes it irrestible!


Sprinkle Vanilla Layer Cake

Sprinkle Vanilla Layer Cake

Classic Vanilla Layer Cake Recipe

Classic Buttercream Frosting Recipe


Follow directions for both the cake and the buttercream frosting. Once cake is cooled and frosted, rather than decorating it with rosettes, etc., just pat a handful of sprinkles on the side of the cake. Continue this until the entire cake is covered. Then place sprinkles on the top of the cake.

Note: I used a pink frosting so that you wouldn’t see any gaps in the sprinkles. It’s easy to fill the gaps by just adding a few sprinkles at a time.

You might also want to scoop up the sprinkles that have dropped off the sides and reapply them to the cake.


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