Slow-Roasted Short Rib Chili

With chilly weather comes chili season and there is no better chili than Slow-Roasted Short Rib Chili to warm the bones!  The aroma of chili wafts through the house as this slow-roasted stew cooks its way to perfection.

Big chunks of sweetly spiced short rib blend with sautéed veggies, dark red kidney beans, black beans and fire-roasted tomatoes to create this deeply-flavored rib-sticking chili.

You won’t mind that it slow roasts as the end result will wow you and warm you!

Chunks of boneless beef short ribs get covered in a rub made of brown sugar, cumin, oregano, coriander, garlic & onion salts and chili powder.  Toss them well and let the chunks sit for 30 minutes.  You can even refrigerate them overnight.

In a large Dutch oven, spread the chunks of short ribs in an even layer, pour a cup of beef broth over and cook over medium-high heat until the broth comes to a boil.  Then, move the Dutch oven to a preheated oven and roast for 2 to 2 & 1/2 hours or until the meat is tender.

When the meat is tender, remove the Dutch oven, turn up the oven heat and add the diced onions & peppers and minced garlic.  Stir well and add the remaining chili ingredients (beans, tomatoes, etc.) and a little extra beef broth.  Return to the oven for another 45 minutes or so.

Remove the chili from the oven, stir, and let sit for 20 minutes to allow the flavors to meld.  You can season it with more salt, chili powder and/or chipotle if necessary.

All that’s left now is to garnish it with your favorite toppings, such as pickled red onions, sliced avocado, sour cream, shredded cheese or whatever pleases you!

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Slow-Roasted Short Rib Chili

Makes: 16 servings

Prep Time: 25 minutes

Bake Time: 3 hours

Total Time: 4 hours


For the Rub:

  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1 tbsp ground cumin
  • 1 tbsp oregano
  • 2 tsp onion powder
  • 2 tsp garlic salt
  • 2 tsp ground coriander
  • 1-3 tsp chili powder more to taste

For the Beef:

  • 3 pounds boneless beef short ribs or chuck roast cut into 1-inch pieces (or well-marbled chuck roast)
  • 2 cups beef broth (divided)

For the Chili:

  • 1 large yellow onion diced small
  • 2 medium red or orange bell peppers diced small
  • 4 medium cloves of garlic finely minced
  • 1 (14½-ounce) can fire-roasted tomatoes
  • 1 28-ounce-can crushed tomatoes
  • 2 (15½-ounce) cans dark red kidney beans rinsed and well-drained
  • 2 (15½-ounce) cans black beans rinsed and well-drained
  • 1 (6-ounce) can tomato paste
  • 1 pepper plus 1 tablespoon of the sauce chipotle in adobo
  • 1 tsp Kosher salt more to taste

For Garnish:

  • Any or all of the following: pickled red onions (see recipe in the post), or diced white onions, avocado, sour cream, shredded cheese, sliced jalapeño, cilantro leaves, lime wedges, tortilla chips.


Combine all of the rub ingredients in a small bowl and set aside.

Cut short ribs (or chuck roast) into 1-inch pieces, discarding any large areas of fat. Place meat in a large bowl. Add the rub to the bowl and toss to coat. Allow meat to sit for 30 minutes or cover tightly and refrigerate overnight.

Preheat oven to 300˚F. Transfer the meat to a large (6-quart) Dutch oven. Spread the meat to an even layer then pour 1 cup of the broth over the meat (refrigerate the remaining cup of broth). Cook over medium-high heat, just until the broth comes to a boil. Remove from heat, cover the pot tightly and place it in the preheated oven. Roast for 2-2½ hours or until meat is fork-tender.

Towards the end of the beef roasting time, dice the onion and bell pepper nice and small (about ½-inch) and mince the garlic.

When the meat is tender, remove the pot from the oven and increase the oven temperature to 400˚F. Immediately add the diced onion, pepper and the garlic to the pot. Stir well to combine.

Cover and allow the pot to sit for 5 minutes to allow the veggies to soften. Add the remaining chili ingredients (tomatoes, beans, etc.) and the reserved beef broth. Stir well, cover and return to the oven for another 45 minutes. (If you like your chili a little thicker, return the pot to the oven for another 10 minutes, uncovered.)

Remove from the oven, stir well and cover. Allow chili to sit for at least 20 minutes to allow the flavors to marry and meld. Taste and season with more salt, if needed. If you like a spicier chili you can add additional chili powder or chipotle at this point. Garnish as desired.

Recipe by The Cafe Sucre Farine


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    • Lindy Johnson

      I bookmark favorite recipes and you have more bookmarks than anyone. I made salmon piccata (again) last night and short rib chili is next. It sounds wonderful! I think I’m going to make it in the crock pot and then the aroma will really permeate the house.

      • Francine

        I hope you had a chance to make the chili…perfect for cold wintery days!

    • Lindy Johnson

      I forgot the stars!

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